Support the Hospital



At Philip Health Services, we understand the power of community support. Our new hospital could not have been built without the generous financial contributions of our friends and neighbors during the capital campaign. And since that time, we are truly honored that we have continued to receive inquiries about additional donations.

Contributions to Philip Health Services will help us to continue providing needed health care services to our community, and make our facilities more comfortable and welcoming for those we serve. If you wish to make a tax-deductible financial contribution to Philip Health Services, there are several methods of giving. Cash donations and commemorative gifts are popular options. Your gift may be designated for a particular use or applied to the area of greatest need, depending on your preference. Donations of physical property (furniture, etc.), may also be accepted; please contact the hospital administrator for details.

Should you wish to make Philip Health Services part of your estate planning, we would be pleased to work with you and your financial or tax adviser to establish an appropriate strategy.

For more information about contributions to Philip Health Services, please contact our business office at (605) 859-2511. Your generosity and support and greatly appreciated.

Hospital Auxiliary

Philip Health Services Auxiliary is a volunteer organization dedicated to improving patient care and comfort. Anyone wishing to serve the hospital is encouraged to join as an Active or Sponsor member. For more information, contact the hospital business office at (605) 859-2511.