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Radiology and Medical Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

Our Diagnostic Imaging Department works closely with the radiologists at Dakota Radiology and the Cardiac Services of Monument Health, both located in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Radiology exams are transmitted through electronically to our PACs system and then interpreted by a radiologist from Dakota Radiology from 7am -10:30pm. After reading hours, CT exams are transmitted to a teleradiology site for an interpretation (at no cost to the patient). A Dakota Radiology radiologist will perform an overread the following day. All radiology fees are billed directly from Dakota Radiology. Dakota Radiology can be reached at (605) 342-2852.

EKG and Holter monitors are transmitted to Monument Health for interpretation by a Monument Health cardiologist. Pediatric EKG’s are then transferred to Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska, for a Pediatric Cardiologist’s interpretation.

**The Diagnostic Imaging capabilities of Philip Health Services allows many patients to have both routine and advanced medical care without leaving town. The Diagnostic Imaging department is staffed Monday thru Friday 7am – 5:30pm. There is on call staff all other times.  The Radiology Department can be reached at (605 859-3890.

Visiting Specialists for Radiology

Dakota Radiology (605) 342-2852
Black Hills Mobile Ultrasound
(605) 721-4800
Echocardiogram & Vascular Studies: Monument Health & Vascular Institute (605) 755-4300
Orthopedics: Clark Duchene, Black Hills Orthopedics & Spine Center
(605) 341 -1414      (800) 446-9556

Diagnostic Imaging Information

Digital Radiography (X-Ray): Shimadzu RadSpeed PRO DR.  450lb table weight limit.
Computed Tomography (CT): GE Revolution 64 Slice.  500lb weight limit
PageWriter TC70 Cardiograph (EKG): Philips
24-48 Hour Holter Monitor: Philips